Individual sessions focused on your goals and outcomes, on a collectively agreed upon timeline

Support groups of no more than ten participants focused on a specific subject

Informational sessions with small to medium sized groups focused on skill development

In one on one support, peers (that's you!) can focus on one or two goals over an agreed period of time or a few goals on an ongoing basis. What this process looks like is determined through collective discussion and open, honest communication on both sides.

This journey is lead by you! 

Pricing for One on One Support

Initial 30 min consult: Free

Single session: $60.00

Five sessions: $275.00

Ten sessions: $525.00

Ongoing sliding scale options available by request


In group sessions, folks who are working on similar goals or facing similar challenges come together to support one another. Group sessions can be a great way to feel less isolated, to swap coping strategies, and meet other peers. Groups are kept small to ensure the space is as safe as possible. A free intake session is required for all groups. 

Queer Peers - UPDATE.jpg

Queer Peers

A Support Group for 2SLGBTQIA+ Folx

Crazy Like Me's debut group is a support space for queer folx to form community, support one another, and find connections while building on coping strategies and sharing lived experiences. 

Intakes to begin shortly. More info on how to join to come soon!

Intake Session: Free

Fees: $250 for eight weeks

Ongoing sliding scale options available by request


Educational and awareness building workshops are a great way to bring knowledge of mental health and peer support accessibility needs to your organization, workplace, or classroom. Workshops can be custom built to accommodate your needs, but will need to fall within my personal knowledge base. Workshops for larger groups or on topics beyond by scope can be accommodated by a co-facilitator. 

Let's learn about mental health together!

Pricing for Workshops

Consultation: Free

One facilitator: TBD

Two facilitators: TBD

Ongoing sliding scale options available by request